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Natural Exterior Cladding

Natural Stone Feel that adds to your style

Traditionally stone materials have been used extensively in construction, both for exterior beauty and interior decor. However, in spite of its many advantages, usages of these materials have several shortcomings. Being a natural material, it is difficult to obtain and is not available in abundance. Its heavy weight and brittle nature makes it difficult and cumbersome to install and requires time consuming craftsmanship to get desired shape.

Recognizing these challenges, the Citybond has introduced Citybond LAMIO – Natural Exterior Cladding ACP Panels, which are composites, comprising of one or multiple layers of materials that undergo high-pressure manufacturing process to improve stability, strength, resilience, visual appearance and other properties. Laminates are an integral part of modern homes, and plays a pivotal role in accentuating its aesthetic appeal and value. Therefore, your choice of laminate should emphasize your style, taste and personality that are as unique as your home.

Citybond LAMIO helps mitigate the shortcomings of STONE as it is manufactured using Aluminium Coil with a double-layered Lumion Coating that is resistant to dust. It also has a Polyethylene Core that makes it resistant to water, fungus and termite.

Citybond LAMIO is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility from different kinds of resin systems, metal foils or reinforcements used in building high pressure laminate. Decorative laminate is thin, resilient and strong, typically used in interior renovation like designing feature walls, building furniture surface materials, wall panelling, etc. These are responsible for varied beautiful designs, textures and colours that you can see in modern carpentry artwork.

A laminate comprises of three layers – overlay, decorative and core layer. Different layers are individually treated with varied concoction of resins and adhesives to give different desirable attributes like wear resilience, durability, flexibility, aesthetics, chemical and water resistance, etc.

And adding to this, Citybond LAMIO comes in a wide variety of natural stone textures and sizes to meet every need and shade that one wants to meet. Citybond LAMIO also offers the facility to provide you with customized colours and sizes, as per your individual bulk requirements. Our wide distribution network and efficient team ensures that you get the prompt service that you need. Citybond LAMIO is brought to you at a very competitive price to meet your needs. Coupled with its unmatched quality, Citybond LAMIO has today redefined the concept of high-end façade, exteriors and also interiors. Whether it is a villa, housing society, corporate office or a Resort, Citybond LAMIO is your perfect choice, instead of Stone.

Use of these ACPs, provide our consumers with eco-friendly substitutes with matching quality that can be used for various interior and exterior applications, without harming the natural resources, So that we can provide a better future to further generations.

With Citybond LAMIO, you can now get premium stone finish like interiors or exteriors. Choose from a wide range of natural shades and textures to give your design that extra edge. Citybond LAMIO is highly scratchproof and resistant to deep abrasion. It is easy to wipe & clean and even the sturdy pollutants, marks etc can be easily removed.

COMPARISON OF Citybond LAMIO with Stone

Citybond LAMIO Stone
Routing possible YES NO
Usage Life 10 Years 2 Years
Price Economical Expensive
Availability Easy Difficult
Flexible Yes No
Lead free Yes No
Gloss Resistant Yes No
Weight Light Heavy
Moisture Impact No Yes
Installation Time Less Lot of time
Ease of Work Easy to customise Comparatively difficult
Clean Up Easy to clean Comparatively not that easy

  • High Quality Materials
  • Eco Friendly GREEN Product
  • Weather Resistant
  • Water & Fungus Proof
  • Aluminium Base
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Install & Light Weight

  • Natural Shades & Textures
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Fire Resistant*
  • Termite Resistant
  • Lumiflon Coating
  • CNC Cutting Possible
  • Lasts Long – 10 Years Warranty

*CITY LAMIO is available in Fire Resistant (FR Grade) also. This has been certified for reaction to fire classification of EN 13501-1 Class B – s1, d0; passes 2-hour resistance to fire classification of ASTM E119-12 and BS 476 Part 6 & 7 Class O.

CITY LAMIO Applications

∎ External Facade

∎ Staircase Wall

∎ False Ceiling

∎ Wall Paneling

∎ Cladding in homes and for multi-story buildings

∎ Ceilings

∎ Kitchens

∎ Doors

∎ Table Surface

∎ Internal Wall Coverings

Technical Specification

Panel Dimensions


Standard Sheet Size 4’ X 8’
Standard Thickness 6 MM
Panel Warranty 15 Years**


** Warranty is applicable as per Company Policy and covers replacement in case of manufacturing defect.

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