Metallic Series

Elevate your lifestyle with CityBond's Metallic series, boasting premium textures that epitomize sophistication.


CityBond presents the top-quality Metallic Series Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP). These panels redefine style and strength for any kind of use - inside or outside. We create every panel using the most advanced technology so that it is perfectly made. You will get a flexible and good-quality decoration material from us, which adds value to your creative ideas.

The CityBond ACP Metallic Series comes in many different vibrant colors and finishes, helping you select the ideal appearance for your project. If it's a tall building, retail area or residential inside that needs covering; our panels provide unmatched flexibility and visual attraction. You can easily bend, fold, or turn these ACPs to cover columns with them, make linear caps, and form trays without any difficulty - this gives endless design options!

We know how much durability matters, so our Metallic Series ACPs are designed to endure harsh weather and keep looking excellent for many years. You can rely on CityBond to offer a high-quality surface finish that is both fashionable and dependable, supported by our dedication towards quality and customer contentment.

Metallic Series

Bright Silver
  • CT-01 Bright Silver
  • Bright Silver
Metallic Silver
  • CT-02 Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Silver
Metallic Black
  • CT-03 Metallic Black
  • Metallic Black
Metallic Coffee
  • CT-04 Metallic Coffee
  • Metallic Coffee
Magic Gold
  • CT-05 Magic Gold
  • Magic Gold
Rich Gold
  • CT-06 Rich Gold
  • Rich Gold
Champagne Gold
  • CT-07 Champagne Gold
  • Champagne Gold
Metallic Copper
  • CT-08 Metallic Copper
  • Metallic Copper
Metallic Bronze
  • CT-09 Metallic Bronze
  • Metallic Bronze
Metallic Blue
  • CT-10 Metallic Blue
  • Metallic Blue
Metallic Wine Red
  • CT-12 Metallic Wine Red
  • Metallic Wine Red
Champagne Sliver
  • CT-13 Champagne Sliver
  • Champagne Sliver
Pearl Copper
  • CT-14 Pearl Copper
  • Pearl Copper
Super Metallic Black
  • CT-15 Super Metallic Black
  • Super Metallic Black
Gate Grey
  • CT-16 Gate Grey
  • Gate Grey

Technical Specifications

Exterior / Interior
Grade Panel Top Coil Bottom Coil
CB-45 4 mm 0.50 mm 0.50 mm
CB-325 3 mm 0.25 mm 0.25 mm
CB-32 3 mm 0.18 mm 0.18 mm

Top Coil (Two Coats) 24μm -28μm
Bottom Coil 7μm Service Coat

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