Solid Series

Infuse your surroundings with vibrant hues from the CityBond for Solid series, transforming your space into a lively haven that uplifts your spirits with every glance.


Add an elegant element to your outer and inner areas with CityBond's Solid Series Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP). These panels are carefully made, giving a beautiful metallic shine to the building. They also have long-lasting strength and can resist any weather changes.

At CityBond, we understand the difficulties that come with using normal metal claddings. This is why our ACPs are made to be friendly to the environment and can also be reused. They offer a better performance in strength and beauty than metals. The panels from our Solid Series are created with top-notch technology and strict quality procedures which make them stronger against harsh weather elements than other ACP brands.

In the Solid Series, there is a double-layered PVDF coating on the Aluminium coil. This type of surface has a very strong ability to resist dust. Because it also has a polyethylene core, it can provide better protection against water, fungus, and termites. Thus making it suitable for all kinds of uses such as exterior cladding or interior decoration applications.

Feel the unparalleled excellence and cost-effectiveness of CityBond's Solid Series ACP, supported by our wide distribution channels and committed customer service staff. Enhance your area with the adaptable and gorgeous look of our high-quality panels.

Solid Series

Dark Green
  • CT-51 Dark Green
  • Dark Green
Ocean Green
  • CT-52 Ocean Green
  • Ocean Green
Navy Blue
  • CT-53 Navy Blue
  • Navy Blue
Signal Blue
  • CT-54 Signal Blue
  • Signal Blue
Lake Blue
  • CT-55 Lake Blue
  • Lake Blue
  • CT-57 Red
  • Red
  • CT-58 Orange
  • Orange
Traffic Yellow
  • CT-59 Traffic Yellow
  • Traffic Yellow
Lemon Yellow
  • CT-60 Lemon Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
Pure White
  • CT-62 Pure White
  • Pure White
New White
  • CT-63 New White
  • New White
Ivory White
  • CT-64 Ivory White
  • Ivory White
Milky White
  • CT-65 Milky White
  • Milky White
Jade Black
  • CT-67 Jade Black
  • Jade Black
Coffice Brown
  • CT-68 Coffice Brown
  • Coffice Brown
  • CT-69 Burgundy
  • Burgundy
Baby Pink
  • CT-70 Baby Pink
  • Baby Pink
Slate Grey
  • CT-71 Slate Grey
  • Slate Grey
Vivo Blue
  • CT-72 Vivo Blue
  • Vivo Blue
Oppo Green
  • CT-73 Oppo Green
  • Oppo Green
Samsung Blue
  • CT-74 Samsung Blue
  • Samsung Blue
Twilight Blue
  • CT-79 Twilight Blue
  • Twilight Blue
Refreshing Green
  • CT-80 Refreshing Green
  • Refreshing Green
Sunny Yellow
  • CT-83 Sunny Yellow
  • Sunny Yellow

Technical Specifications

Exterior / Interior
Grade Panel Top Coil Bottom Coil
CB-45 4 mm 0.50 mm 0.50 mm
CB-325 3 mm 0.25 mm 0.25 mm
CB-32 3 mm 0.18 mm 0.18 mm

Top Coil (Two Coats) 24 µm - 28 µm
Bottom Coil 7 µm Service Coat

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