Mirror Series

Reflect your opulence with CityBond's Mirror ACP series, boasting stunning color palettes designed to mirror your extravagance.


We present to you the CityBond Mirror Series, an innovative collection of Aluminium Composite Panels that merge the shiny appearance of metal with exceptional long-lasting quality and the ability to withstand different weather conditions. We have improved on what is good in usual metal covers, making a product superior in looks and function compared to others.

Our panels from the Mirror Series are made with advanced technology and strict quality controls in our modern plant. They have an Aluminium coil covered twice with PVDF for good resistance to dust. There's also a polyethylene core which gives great defense against water, fungus, and termites, so our panels remain strong even in very harsh weather.

In the Mirror Series, there is a big selection of colors, textures, and sizes for your special design ideas. These panels are very flexible so you can bend, fold, or twist them simply to cover corners, wrap around columns, or make straight 'caps' or trays. We also offer customization options and prompt service through our extensive distribution network.

If you want to make beautiful and shiny outside parts, fancy inside walls, or give signs and industrial uses a sophisticated look, our CityBond Mirror Series is an excellent choice for all kinds of work. You get both good design and strong quality with our ACP panels at a reasonable price without lowering the standard.

Mirror Series

  • CT-151
  • Gold Mirror
Flok Off White
  • CT- 152
  • Silver Mirror
Flok Pure White
  • CT-153
  • Copper Mirror

Technical Specifications

Grade Panel Top Coil Bottom Coil
CB-32 3 mm 0.18 mm 0.18 mm

Top Coil (Two Coats) Bottom Coil
24μm - 28μm 7μm Service Coat

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