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City Bond Premium Aluminium Composite Panels


The City Group introduces CITYBOND, Premium range of Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) for wide usage by the architecture and construction industry in any external cladding application or for interior decoration purpose and signage.

CITYBOND ACP is available in a variety of colors and finishes to provide you with a versatile decorative material that gives your creation a unique look and is made from very high quality materials, which makes it highly durable and weather resistant. Truly Truly CITY BOND ACP brings you Style that inspires Trust.

CITYBOND ACP is manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility using stringent quality processes, resulting in a high quality premium panel, which is highly robust and effective under extreme weather conditions, much more than other brands of ACP or any other surface construction material.

And adding to this, CITYBOND ACP comes in a wide variety of colors, shades, finishes and sizes to meet every need and shade that one wants to meet.

CITYBOND ACP also offer the facility to provide you with cutomized colors and sizes, as per your individual bulk requirements.

Our wide distribution network and efficient team ensures that you get the prompt service that you need. CITYBOND ACP is brought to you very competitive price to meet your needs. Coupled with its unmatched quality, CITYBOND ACP has today redefined the concept of high-end facade, exteriors and also interiors. Whether it is a multi storied building, a school, hospital or shopping center, CITYBOND ACP is your perfect choice for facade cladding.

With City Bond ACP, you can now get premium surface finish for any external cladding or interior decoration use. Choose from a wide range of premium shades and colors to give your design that extra style. CITYBOND ACP is super flexible and can bend, fold and turn easily, Straight and angular routing in bending the panels to cover angles, clads columns, create linear ‘caps’ or treys.

Applications of City Bond ACP

Architectural and Construction Applications

High Rise and Industrial Building

∎ Exterior Facade

∎ Roofing (Car Park and Link Ways)


Interior Applications

∎ Wall Decoration

∎ Doors

∎ False Ceiling

∎ Room Partitions

∎ Furniture

∎ Kitchen Panel

Industrial Applications

∎ Aircraft Galley Push Trolleys

∎ Luggage Compartment in Buses, Trains and Cruise Ships

∎ Bus and Aircraft Ceilings

∎ Recycling Shipping Container Modules

Signage Application

∎ Petrol Stations

∎ Light Boxes

∎ Exhibition Booths

∎ Corporate Identitites

∎ Hoarding Billboards

∎ Directional Signs

∎ Retail Diplay

∎ Sign Boards


Standard Size 1220MM X 2440MM
1220MM X 3050MM
1220MM X 3660MM
Panel Thickness 1.5MM to 6MM
Skin Thickness 0.10MM to 0.50MM
Squarness 2MM
Product Tolerance Width: ∓ 2MM
Length: ∓ 2MM
Thickness: ∓ 0.2MM
Panel Warranty Upto 15 Years∗∗

Technical Specification

Exterior / Interior
Grade Panel Top Coil Bottom Coil
HPL-625 6 mm 0.25 mm 0.25
CB-45 4 mm 0.50 mm 0.50
CB-325 3 mm 0.25 mm 0.25
CB-32 3 mm 0.18 mm 0.18

Top Coil (Two Coats) 24μ-28μ
Bottom Coil 7μ Service Coat

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