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American Oak
American Oak
Elevated Wood
Elevated Wood
Premium White Oak
Premium White Oak
Fusion Walnut
Fusion Walnut
Royal Teak
Royal Teak
Palado Rustic Plus
Palado Rustic Plus
Walnut Oak
Walnut Oak
Smoke Larch
Smoke Larch
Barrique Oak
Barrique Oak
Volcanic Oak
Volcanic Oak
Baltic Pine
Baltic Pine
Funder Teak
Funder Teak


Better Than Wood, Lasts Longer

Traditionally wooden materials have been used extensively as a construction material, both for exterior beauty and interior decor. However, in spite of its many advantages, usage of wooden materials have some serious shortcomings. Firstly, being a natural material, cutting of trees for wood impacts our environment and lead to climate change also. Hence usage of wood is not eco friendly. Secondly, being a natural material, it has a very limited life and requires extensive maintenance.

Recognizing these challenges, the City Group has introduced CITY HPL, a High Pressure Laminated (HPL) Aluminium Composite Panel. CITY HPL is more durable and elegant in looks as compared to wooden materials and is also highly weather resistant. It can be easily used for any exterior cladding application or for interior decoration purpose.

CITY HPL helps mitigate the shortcomings of wood as it is manufactured using Aluminium coil with a double-layered PVDF / Lumion Coating that is resistant to dust. It also has a Polyethylene Core that makes it resistant to water, fungus and termite.

CITY HPL is manufactured at our plant state-of-the-art facility using stringent quality processes, resulting in a high quality premium panel, which is highly robust and effective under extreme weather conditions, much more than other brands of High Pressure Laminates or any wooden material.

And adding to this, CITY HPL comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes to meet every need and shade. CITY HPL also offers the facility to provide you with customized colours and sizes, as per your individual bulk requirements. Our wide distribution network and efcient team ensures that you get the prompt service that you need. CITY HPL is brought to you at a very competitive price to meet your needs. Coupled with its unmatched quality, CITY HPL has today redened the concept of high-end façade, exteriors and also interiors. Whether it is a villa, housing society, corporate ofce or a resort, CITY HPL is your perfect choice, instead of wood.

With CITY HPL, you can now get premium wood like interiors or exteriors. Choose from a wide range of natural shades and textures to give your design that extra edge. CITY HPL is super exible and can bend, fold and turn easily. Straight and angular routing assists in bending the panels to cover angles, clad columns, create linear 'caps' or trays.

Comparison of HPL with wood

Routing possible YES NO
Warranty 10 Years No Warranty
Price Economical Expensive
Maintenance Maintenance Free Polishing after every 2 years

HPL Applications

∎ Wall Cladding

∎ Balcony Cladding

∎ Indoor Wall Panelling

∎ Gate Elevation

∎ Railings and Fences

∎ Attic Cladding

∎ Pergola

∎ Canopy

∎ Ceilings

City HPL - Panel Display

Standard Sheet Size 4′ x 8′
Standard Thickness 6 MM
Coil Thickness 0.25 MM
Panel Warranty 10 Years**

Technical Specification

S No. Items City HPL
Technical Specifications of City HPL
1 Thickness of Composite Panel (mm) 6 mm
2 Skin Thickness (mm) 0.25 mm
3 Weight (Kg/sq.m) 7.5 Kgm
4 Polyethylene Type LDPE (g/cm3) 6 mm
5 Surface -----
6 Lacquering LUMIFLON/PVDF
7 Brilliance (Initial Value) 30%-30% accord to Gardner
8 Hardness (Pencil Hardness) 3H
9 Temperature Resistance From -50°C to +80°C
10 UV Stability Brilliant
Mechanical Properties of ACM
11 Tensile Strength (ASTM E-8) 4.2 KgmP2
12 Yield Strength (ASTM E-8) 4 Kg/mm2
13 Elogation (ASTM E-8) 13%
14 Flexural Elasticity (ASTM C-393) 4030 Kg/mm2
15 Thermal Expansion (ASTM D-698) 1.1 mm/M/50.C
Mechanical Properties of Alluminium Skin
16 Alluminium Alloy Grade H 18 - 1100
17 Yield Strength 14 Kg/mm2
18 Modules of Elasticity (ASTM C-393) 7000 Kg/mm2
19 Bond Integrity (ASTM C-297) 118 Kg/cm2
20 Deflection Temperature (ASTM D-698) 110°C
Accoustical Properties
21 Sound Absorbtion Factor 0.05
22 Airborn Sound Isulation Index Rw (dB) 24
23 Loss Factor D 0.0057
General Properties
24 Gloss at ° 26
25 Elongation (ASTM E-8) ASO>=3%
26 Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D-968-81) Doesn't wear out through pours of sand or the surface of the coated panel
27 Hardness (Pencil Hardness) 3H
28 Film Hardness (Pencil Hardness) 2H
29 Rigidity E-J (KN cm 2/3) B65
30 Reverse Impact Crosshatch ASTM01737-52 2T. No Cracking
31 Dry ASTM D-3359 Method 8 No Change
32 Wet 37.8 °, 24hrs No Change
33 Boiling Water 100°C, 20mm No Change
Chemical Resistance
34 H2SO4 (ASTM DI 308-79) No Change
35 Detergent (ASTM D 2248-73) No Change
36 Oil Resistance No Change
37 Dirt Resistance No Change
Weather Ability
38 Color retention (ASTM DI 2244-89 max 5 units) 4000hrs
39 Gloss retention (ASTM D 523-89 70%) 4000hrs
40 Chalking (ASTM D-4214-89 max 8 units) No chalking was seen 4000hrs
41 Salt Spray No Change 3000hrs
42 Humidity (ASTM D-2247-87) No Blister, No Cracking
43 Humidity (Thermal ASTM D-2244-65) None to very few # blisters 100%
44 Condensing Humidity 54.4°C (ASTM 4585-87) Rhx 54.4°C, 2500hrs

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